Brand your rikshaw!


Branding possibilities

1) Leg Protection Area (inside and outside)

2) Wheels

3) Side Protection Area

4) Seating Area

5) Frame

6) Roof

7) Beachflag

8) Inflateable of your coice

Rikshaw Advertising

Rikshaws provide mobile advertisements!

Your Advertisement is constant on the move to attract the broadest audience within Vienna´s first district

Rikshaws attract attention

Our rickshaws stand out against the urban backdrop and attract attention 7 days / week
This thrilling advertisement surface transforms your brand to become the talk of the town

Advertisement space with a high impact

Rikshaws offer a fantastic mobile advertisement surface. Through high contact rates we cover Viennas main points with your sales/advertising message

Product promotion at Vienna´s top tourist sites and everywhere in between.

Our rickshaws frequent Vienna´s most popular tourist destinations and all interconnected circuits, ensuring a maximum exposure for your advertisement 


Rikshaw Promotions

The interface for your message

Our Rikschas are the interface for your sales message. Our drivers drop your clients first hand at your door ….

Promotion on highly frequented squares within the viennese city center

Further promotion fields our Rickshaw´s are product implementations, shop openings and business events of any kind ​


Our Clients